Why Choose Great Circle Recovery

We believe every person has equal importance, and we are dedicated to helping those in need. Our approach is designed to deliver results and guide you to recovery.

There are many reasons to choose Great Circle Recovery. Three reasons stand out:


There should be no barriers to your recovery. So we designed our program to provide same day access to treatment. At Great Circle Recovery, you can begin receiving care very quickly.

Recovery and Healing

The Great Circle in our name symbolizes our mission: Guiding our patients to recovery by caring for the whole person. It also represents rebirth and continuous healing. The circle means we are all included and we all have equal importance. Our name is also symbolic of the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.

Open to All

Great Circle Recovery is a program of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, designed for native and non-native patients alike. We are open to all and welcome all who seek recovery. Our name and our mission reflect the Tribal values of caring, honesty and integrity.