Opioid Addiction Treatment

We believe recovery is possible for everyone. As we guide you on your journey, we treat the whole person. Our approach combines medication, counseling and support to ensure lasting results.

Medications to Treat Opioid Use Disorders

You will work with a physician to determine the best medications to ensure your recovery. These may include methadone, buprenorphine or other medications. Your doctor will discuss which is best for you.

Individual Counseling

Recovery is more than a medical process. Our counselors will help you cope with all of the issues that go with addiction, such as mental triggers, stress and social factors. They will help you develop new patterns and create new strength and success.

Group Counseling

The journey you’re on is personal. Yet many others are traveling the same path. When you participate in group counseling, you learn from others while helping them as well. This common effort is very empowering and can have lifelong benefits.

Peer Support Services

We offer a trained and certified Peer Support Specialist who has been through the recovery journey and knows the challenges you may face and how to overcome them. Our Peer Support Specialist can help you with all types of issues – medical, social and others – to make sure your journey is successful. Many other clinics do not offer this type of service.

Lab draws on-site

Our lab processes blood draws on-site, so you get results quickly.

Urine Drug Screening

Our key early improvement goals include a favorable urinalysis result. Our onsite urine drug screening gives you test results quickly, helping you achieve this goal.

Same Day Medical Referrals

If you have other medical issues, we can refer you to same day urgent care, so that those issues don’t stand in the way of your recovery.